Guardian Angels Can Give You Hope

Did you ever think that you had a guardian angel that kept your hopes up they kept you feeling as if you still have hope that’s keeping you from falling anywhere. You never know who your guardian angel is until later on, because your guardian angel could be anyone, and you only realize it when they leave, their always going to give you hope that it’s already too late.

Your patience with people can bring you only to a limited distance, while your hope and guardian angel can bring you so far. Open your mind let it fly, trust that you can trust but give those who you feel you can’t trust the benefit of the doubt, but don’t trust them completely until you feel you are ready to trust them completely. Your guardian angel may not be permanent physically, but in your own heart and hope they will be permanent, because although one person can make a difference in whole world with their own patience and support it’s mostly their hope and faith that will get them through anything.

You can tell people your one person, and really be another because you could be trying to change your life around to be the person you appear to be to everyone. You could have a bad pass and still make your future a good one, you could have many regrets and replace those regrets with accomplishments, because you hoped for it and a guardian angel kept you from hurting everyone that you cared about.

Do What You Gotta Do

Have you ever had that feeling that something inside you is eating you up? Something that’s from you past that you regret, something that you wish never happened. It keeps eating you up every second of your life and as hard as you try, you keep it so quiet and to yourself until you can’t take it anymore. One day older, one day stronger, though still years younger, you live your life as if there’s nothing wrong and everything’s alright. But really you do have something wrong you try hard not to show it, because you hate it when people are feeling sorry for you, when you know it making you weak.

You try to let it go every time it comes around you just ignore it and push it away like a cloud of air. But still somehow it just keeps getting to you, you think the most happiest thoughts and memories you have to keep you smiling, but the more fake smiles you give people you begin to get tired of it. When your at the brink of breaking down you ask for an angel from above and hope that he gives you a sign to tell you that you still have hope.

The only thing you can do, is do what you gotta do to keep your head up to the sky, and prove those to put you down that their completely wrong. Keep your head up to the sky, because one day whatever regret that you have will soon fall away. It will fall to the ground of your mind when you don’t ever need to hold on to it ever again.


If they don’t know you then they will see it sometimes later, if they think your trying to be someone else then their blind. If they talk bad about you its because their jealous about how unique you are, and sometimes they wish they were in your shoes. If they make you look bad its because they know you look better than they ever will. Never let them get to you because you never know one day they maybe the ones working for you.

Can You Trust Yourself if They Can’t Trust You?

When someone says “I miss you” do you think they really mean it or they’re only saying it because they want to make you feel better? Some say it because they want to make you feel better, they want you to not feel left out and not fit in. Others say it because your like family to them, or because they love you. If the people that say the words “I miss you” because they accept you for who you are then you know you can rely on those people to try to be there for you, when you need someone to talk to.

Not everyone can be there for a friend physically, but they could also be there for them in spirit. Some friends would keep their promises, some would try even though they would not be able to keep promises for themselves. There are people who would try to ask themselves how can I keep a promise to a friend if I can’t keep it to myself? It’s better to try to achieve the promises that you keep to yourself before keeping promises to other people. I’m not saying be self-centered, but take baby steps to do it. If you can do the little thing then try to get the hang of doing the big things. Never try to do something you can’t handle or ask someone to do something that you can’t do.

Could you handle my pain?

I’m stuck at a crossroad not knowing which one to choose. I’m living my truth, but everyone thinks I’m lying, and I don’t know what to do except ignore it. I’ve tried to choose my road to pick, but every time I did, I would still get this feeling of regret running through my veins. I’m caught in the middle and its being heavy on my heart, I know when I’m heavily broken and all I’m seeing are glass pieces full of blood as I lay on the floor staring up at the broken roof. I keep wondering why? why does thins happen to me? Why can’t I stop the pain of blood gushing through my arms.

Now all I feel is the pain and all I see is red everywhere. I threw the plate, I threw glasses and I took the knife to my arms slicing every space on my skin until it was cover in blood. There it goes one cut, two cuts, blood starts gushing out. Three cuts, four cuts and five cuts they turn into wounds. Then moves on to the other arm, five more cuts both arms are wounded, with blood and glass everywhere while I’m laying on the floor.

Half dead I stare into the clouds watching every happy moment pass me by. I get up even thought filled with blood gushing out of my body, I tried to clean up the mess I made. I wrapped my arms in bandages, and left my wounds to heal. I never told anyone about it nor did anyone see it. Everyone thought I’m just miss goody-two shoes, but in reality they don’t really know what’s going on. No one knows that I live alone in this cold old dark house. I live, breathe, sleep and wake up in silence.

I keep the house all neat and tidy alone, and just act like I have people around, with music on. There would be days when I would watch recordings of my family, because I had missed the so much. It seemed like yesterday that we were having a family dinner at the table, when it really was a few weeks ago. People always wonder I have pictures of my family in my locker and ask why I start to tear up. I say its nothing really.

*This is not a real story.

Can You Really Handle The Truth?

I dare you to try to make a move, after all I’ve done for you, this is the thanks I get? You what? forget you, why you ask? Because I’m sick and tired of you putting all your bullshit on me. You thins you have a hard life to live. Shut up! No one wants to hear you sorry-a** life story, because you tell the same bullsh*t to every damn person, and then talk sh*t about them. What the hell is that all about? You think your being a real friend by doing that? Hell no your turning all your friends against you, and pushing them away.

Shut the hell up damn it!!! No one wants to hear your rusted voice, they want you to unblock your f***ing ears and start f***ing listening. Shut up don’t f***ing talk, I don’t care about any of the bullshit that you say because their all lies. All you think, “oh, the world revolves around me, so I’ll just blow off all my friends that have known me since elementary for someone else.” Girl no one gives a rats a** about you. People are only your friends because they feel sorry for your slutty a** life b***h. If you can’t handle any jokes from anyone, or people comparing their life to you.

Then what’s the point of listening to you, if you can’t listen to other. What type of friend are you? A good one? Really now? From what I’ve seen that’s all a lie. Because if you were a good friends then you would have already proven it, by not blowing off your friends, when you make plans with them, or tell them you’re going to call, when you really don’t. That’s all just a pile of sh*t which you live in.

You do act like a little kid, because you go crying to you’re mom whenever something’s wrong, and it’s all on you. You need to f***ing get over yourself. You think you got it bad, but not as bad as kids that live in Africa. They have it much more worse than you. How the hell do I f**king know? It’s because they’re staving, homeless, with no food, clothes and some are even suffering HIV/AIDS or barely have any family. So if you think your life is worse, you better think things through again. Because someone else can have it so much more worse that you, since their growing up with nothing!

If you can’t handle it, then you can’t even handle the truth at all, then go f*** yourself, because no one gives a rats a** about you, since you have a f***ing stick up your a**. No one wants your bullsh*t remains that’s why no one cares and that’s why your losing so much friends because the word SLUT is written all over you and everything you’ve touched.

We All Have Our Days.

We all have our days when we laugh, when we cry or even when we try to smile. We have our days to live and have our days that fall into darkness. We have our boys around, we all have our days that come and go, everyone knows that friends come and go. Out with the old and in with the new, but our friends are the people who will always be there for us no matter how far apart we are, we’re still going to be together.

We sometimes are covered by the dark and left alone with no one to help us, but no one will help us unless we help ourselves to get out of the darkness, out of the loneliness that keeps us locked up in that shell. We have our days to cherish and are days that bring us to our knees when we wish it doesn’t happen. But that’s the way life is, you can’t do anything about a person’s death, because it was their time to leave. We make not have much time left on this earth, that’s why we have to make of what we have left. Its all or nothing of what’s left of our own life.

You have to live your dream if you know can be what you want to be if you work hard at it you can be where you want to be. We all have are days that our shattered by people but nevertheless that should not ruin the days of our lives because one day can go bad and the next can be one of the best days that you can ever have. We only have one life and one chance to live it, this life is the only life we will ever get to set off on this earth, to have the opportunity to breathe the air we breathe, the feeling to love, the words to talk and the vision to see the world. Don’t take what you think you can get anytime for granted because you never know when your time is up. We never know when our time is done, we never know when its time to leave this earth and set foot in heaven or hell.

No one can be stopped from believing in what they believe in unless people shatter it like glass pieces falling from a broken glass heart. The heart can be seen as a fresh full clean heart, then slowly develops marks and scratches, the burdens or pain that starts to grow. It grows more and cracks begin to appear. People ask you if your okay, you say you are but your really not, you wish you could have told the person how you feel, if they know your lying you can’t hide anything. If they’ve known you long enough to tell what every mannerism that you make, every move that you do, even can tell the difference in your expressions if there’s something wrong with you or not. Then, they know the real you very well, we all have our days that hurt or mend together.

Everyone has things that they regret in there past, but that does not make the person a bad person, people can change from the ruthless loser that you know to the most unique person that you should have known before. You can talk smack about a person and how they were before in the younger years, but when they say they’ve changed that only shows that you still see them as that same person from your past. If they can’t accept your change then leave them be.

No ones perfect everyone wants to be a somebody but no one wants to be a nobody, I know I am a nobody. We all wish life could be the way we want it but that never seems to happened because we always have our battles to fight, our walls that must be broken down. But the one thing that can be heard without the violence and blocks is our voice. We make not be able to change in one day because it starts but it does not always have a long path to go.

We all have our days that will break us and try to make us the way we our or change us for someone who were are not. Hearts are ripped apart but no heart is always broken because they will always take the time to be healed. Day by day life passed its way around us, lets make the best of what we have left in this world before its gone forever.