Can You Really Handle The Truth?

I dare you to try to make a move, after all I’ve done for you, this is the thanks I get? You what? forget you, why you ask? Because I’m sick and tired of you putting all your bullshit on me. You thins you have a hard life to live. Shut up! No one wants to hear you sorry-a** life story, because you tell the same bullsh*t to every damn person, and then talk sh*t about them. What the hell is that all about? You think your being a real friend by doing that? Hell no your turning all your friends against you, and pushing them away.

Shut the hell up damn it!!! No one wants to hear your rusted voice, they want you to unblock your f***ing ears and start f***ing listening. Shut up don’t f***ing talk, I don’t care about any of the bullshit that you say because their all lies. All you think, “oh, the world revolves around me, so I’ll just blow off all my friends that have known me since elementary for someone else.” Girl no one gives a rats a** about you. People are only your friends because they feel sorry for your slutty a** life b***h. If you can’t handle any jokes from anyone, or people comparing their life to you.

Then what’s the point of listening to you, if you can’t listen to other. What type of friend are you? A good one? Really now? From what I’ve seen that’s all a lie. Because if you were a good friends then you would have already proven it, by not blowing off your friends, when you make plans with them, or tell them you’re going to call, when you really don’t. That’s all just a pile of sh*t which you live in.

You do act like a little kid, because you go crying to you’re mom whenever something’s wrong, and it’s all on you. You need to f***ing get over yourself. You think you got it bad, but not as bad as kids that live in Africa. They have it much more worse than you. How the hell do I f**king know? It’s because they’re staving, homeless, with no food, clothes and some are even suffering HIV/AIDS or barely have any family. So if you think your life is worse, you better think things through again. Because someone else can have it so much more worse that you, since their growing up with nothing!

If you can’t handle it, then you can’t even handle the truth at all, then go f*** yourself, because no one gives a rats a** about you, since you have a f***ing stick up your a**. No one wants your bullsh*t remains that’s why no one cares and that’s why your losing so much friends because the word SLUT is written all over you and everything you’ve touched.

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