Can You Trust Yourself if They Can’t Trust You?

When someone says “I miss you” do you think they really mean it or they’re only saying it because they want to make you feel better? Some say it because they want to make you feel better, they want you to not feel left out and not fit in. Others say it because your like family to them, or because they love you. If the people that say the words “I miss you” because they accept you for who you are then you know you can rely on those people to try to be there for you, when you need someone to talk to.

Not everyone can be there for a friend physically, but they could also be there for them in spirit. Some friends would keep their promises, some would try even though they would not be able to keep promises for themselves. There are people who would try to ask themselves how can I keep a promise to a friend if I can’t keep it to myself? It’s better to try to achieve the promises that you keep to yourself before keeping promises to other people. I’m not saying be self-centered, but take baby steps to do it. If you can do the little thing then try to get the hang of doing the big things. Never try to do something you can’t handle or ask someone to do something that you can’t do.

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