Do What You Gotta Do

Have you ever had that feeling that something inside you is eating you up? Something that’s from you past that you regret, something that you wish never happened. It keeps eating you up every second of your life and as hard as you try, you keep it so quiet and to yourself until you can’t take it anymore. One day older, one day stronger, though still years younger, you live your life as if there’s nothing wrong and everything’s alright. But really you do have something wrong you try hard not to show it, because you hate it when people are feeling sorry for you, when you know it making you weak.

You try to let it go every time it comes around you just ignore it and push it away like a cloud of air. But still somehow it just keeps getting to you, you think the most happiest thoughts and memories you have to keep you smiling, but the more fake smiles you give people you begin to get tired of it. When your at the brink of breaking down you ask for an angel from above and hope that he gives you a sign to tell you that you still have hope.

The only thing you can do, is do what you gotta do to keep your head up to the sky, and prove those to put you down that their completely wrong. Keep your head up to the sky, because one day whatever regret that you have will soon fall away. It will fall to the ground of your mind when you don’t ever need to hold on to it ever again.

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