Everything’s Gonna To Be Ok

Everything’s going to be okay, everything’s going to be alright (2x), I’ll just keep living my life.

Verse 1:
Yeah, everything’s going to be ok, if your friends gotcha back, but when they turn their backs on you, your whole world goes black. What’s going to happen to me now that my close friend turned their backs on me, because they broke the good times, and they memories that we said would last forever in life, nothings ever going to be the same now that we’ve gone our separate ways.


Life goes on, time flies by when your not reminiscing bout the past by yourself, all but one real soldier that’s going to keep me up with God, because I pray everyday that they come back, to keep my spirit up so nothing could bring me down again. Life never sucks when you find who your real friends are, and who your real brothers and sisters are that have your back.


Verse 3:
When you lost your friends, you find new ones, when you lost some soldiers you recruit new ones, no matter how hard the pain burns in your heart, you just can’t turn back the hands of time. life and times changes, you can grow as tall as you want no matter how old you are its not your looks that should make friends, its what’s in your heart that’s going to lead you to a good friendship.


Verse 4:
What might interest me, might now interest you. But you have your beliefs I’ve got mine. You believe what you wanna believe; I believe what I wanna believe. Who says that we have to agree on everything that everyone says when there’s no compromise. We shouldn’t care what other people think if they say sh*t bout us that isn’t true, because they don’t know what we’re really like unless they get to know us. Because people who judge people whether they like it or not.

Verse 5:
Then you see people killing each other. It’s not the guns and blades that kill people, it’s the people that don’t control their actions and can’t handle them, that kill people.


Verse 6:
What did I do to make you pissed at me? What did I say to make you do this to me? It’s too late to answer them q’s, so I’ll let you be, and whatever happens to you won’t happen to me, because I won’t be there when you’re going crashing down.


Verse 7:
You better speak your mind now or forever hold your peace, because what’s done is done, and the past is the past, if you try to go back, you’ll miss the fun that you left behind.


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