Everywhere I go, every smile I see


Everywhere I go every smile I see a star shinning down on me.
Verse 1:
Its bran new day everyday and a new chapter in all the books, soon you’ll learn that you can’t make me depressed forever, because I can’t be depressed with what never happened.
Verse 2:
If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve been living my life the way I dreamed of. I’ve gone through so many hard battles but I still got through it.
Verse 3:
Nothing can break me down anymore than I am, since I’ve already been broken down to the last piece of rock in my life, and nothing can change me because I already changed.
Verse 4:
Every night I look up at the sky, there’s a star that shows me a smile of all the people. Loves painted on the walls on way or another. Everyone has to admit it because it’ll happen to them one way or another in their lives.
Fades out

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