I’m still me

I’m still me; I may not seem to be the same girl that you knew back then. It does not make me any different from the way that I act, talk, or be around people. I’m still me, look like I wear a mask, but who does not, there’s not a single person in this lifetime or any generation that had kept a part of their life or feelings for a person hidden from the world. Does not matter who I’m with, where I went, or how I got there would not be a problem for anyone else except me. I may look different from the way I used to be but that does not mean that I’m not the only realest person that they will ever know. I just let them find out for themselves because I’m still me. I’m just like everyone in the world but that won’t tell you anything because I’m not everyone.

By some I’m loved, by some I’m liked, by some I’m hated, or wished to be dead. But I’m still me, the mask I wear beings me space and time to prepare myself for fake laughs and smiles. Small conflicts arise but are sometimes pushed under the rug to be hidden from everyone else. The mask that I wear shows me acting different around people, some deserve the worse treatment, but others might say, “She’s not normal, she’s got something wrong with her, but doesn’t want to talk about it. So she bottles it up until she can’t handle it anymore.” but so what I’m still me, let them say what they want about me cause none of its true unless they ask me and I say it’s true, because I’m still me.

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