Is Love in the Air?

Could it be? Loves in the air floating around us. Even thought it’s not that time of the month or year. If it is then it’s the first so long. If I knew what love felt like now before I left then the memories would be never ending while looking back, I see them all come up as novel, with many chapters of life. Hook ups grow into marriages divorces, boyfriends and girlfriends stay together or hurt each other. Everyday I see girls walk up hill and climb mountains, but return with blister on their feet, broken hearts and painful tears in their eyes.

Knowing that love is something that you don’t see or hear, but feel a funny feeling that may never end, if you with the right person, whom you want to spend the rest of your life with forever. Things change when you change, of one can make a difference so can many without showing any signs.

Try as they may to open a heart that has been closed it’s door forever they still never get through, but they more they try the weaker the lock gets and the easier it is to strike the heart like a glass vase. Once it’s broken sometimes it’s either never repaired and sometimes it is. Who will know? Only the One above us. Forever might not be enough for some, but if it is I will always keep it as close as I can for a dream and wish that’s waiting to come true. Those who believe in the beauty of life their dreams come true. AS one story ends another begins shall it finish or shall it never end, hope is the only thing that I can turn to if my family and friends are gone. If one heart is closer than any other to their lover’s is it true love that will stay of go? shall I pray for the day I’ve been struck in the heart to know it’s right there in front of me.

Can love lie, can hearts break, dead as I sound and bored as I seem to be every poem or advise I give is something that’s never ending. Words can come and go as people do the same but you’ll never know if they’ll come back if your life again. Everyone knows the world doesn’t revolve around love, nor does love, but and always will revolve around two hearts. those who are pain and are shadowed in the dark, but those who are in pain and yet still live their life the way they want are still shinning in the light from heaven.

How can you say you love someone when all you do is leave them after all the sacrifices they made for you, but when you show them that you love them back it’s a feeling that they earned they’ve gotten through to you someway. Saying that you love them without a feeling and saying that you love them with the right words it shows them they can trust you and can rely on you when their in time of hurt.

As I see it time running its sand in the timer, and the ticking in the clocks, I hope somehow, someway, and somewhere in your own heart you’re touched and inspired, but if not this was just a faint message written for nothing.

PS: If I’ve disrespected any1 who read this or is reading this I don’t mean to hurt you in anyway.
Peace ya’ll 😛

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