Motivation of me

As time runs its course of falling fast, I run my life, getting back on track keeping those who are worthy out of my sight. But sometimes you have to look back on what happened before to motivate yourself. Keeper’s keep what they can and losers, lose what they bet. Winners never quite unless they can’t do it anymore. I’m a keeper, though I’m a loser at the same time. Sometimes I lose what’s mean to be lost and sometimes I don’t. I kept my promises back then and until now I’ve kept my promised. I’ve change only for those that know me for who I am instead of what I am, what I can be and where I’m from.

I change what I could but I don’t move what I can’t move. I bring what I can to survive, but I leave what going to weight me down. I take what I can and leave what I can find somewhere else. When you live, you only live to die and when you die, you’re only dying to leave with in the time you have left. What’s broken cannot be put together like glass. What’s left out will not be wanted to be brought back in. Its time to stop and think if you know what you’re doing is right for you and your own family. If not you better choose to either have your family leave you or get shot be gang members.

PS: A bullet can hit your heart and kill you but a nut shell wont.

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