Normal like You

Verse 1:

I want to live like I’m really somebody. But what do you do you hold me down like I’m some kind of animal. Look boy I’m not a hoe nor am I a whore. So I’d rather be someone that you really know instead of someone that you see out on the streets who’s a random person, so I say


So I say all I really want to be is normal like you. Who’s treated like everyone else, but because the way you treat me, I’m always being put down every second of every hour of my life.

Verse 2:
So what I don’t give a s*** bout what u say? Because I know I’m telling the truth. If you don’t believe me, then let me give you a tip. You believe what you want to believe,I believe what I want to believe. It’s my life that’s at stake here not yours.


Verse 3:
You think you got all the glory and riches because you made a difference in the world? Yo! Look back at your life and see what changed you to help the world, And your result would be nothing. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you got what you wanted. It just means you’re a filthy rich b**** who really has nothing but money in their life. Money doesn’t bring happiness, love and kindness does.


Verse 4:
You say you’re better than me since you got money. So What’s your point? You didn’t need to go through the hard breaks and leaks in your life to get to where you want to be. I did, and I didn’t need money to get me where I am right now. Because I live my life with the help of my family and friends


Verse 5 (rap):
All you do is talk the talk. But you never walk the walk since you never have the strength to do anything yourself. All you do is sit on your rich a** while everyone does everything for you. And if you really want to prove that your better than me, you better do it now of forever hold your peace. You think you know me but you really have no idea.


Verse 6 (rap):
If you can’t understand me then don’t. But if you know how to get through me without using anybody but yourself then try it. To know me you have to know yourself. To deal with me you have to deal with yourself. If your going to be living with me, you have to go by my rules, if you got all that then you got it all down.

Chorus fades out

PS: I don’t mean to insult anyone who’s offended by this song.

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