Life’s never the same, I stood outside in the cold wondering if anyone’s coming to get me. I walking miles and miles from where I started. In circles and circles I walked not knowing its the same place because its covered in snow. It used to be you that was by my side, used to be that I had someone to keep me out of the dark, and a shoulder to cry on. I used to believe in hope thanking God knowing there was a day I’d spend with you. I used to see the starts above in the night sky.

I wanted to see everything over again but I could never forget the times we had together. I never knew life could be so cruel, I told myself I’d never try to hurt anyone but every mistake that I see comes to be blamed on me. I wish you were here to be my guardian angel again. I wanted everything to be okay, but I know that won’t happen. I only wish you were here with me.

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