Rap (No Verse No Chorus Till People die)

As I look back at my memories I see flash backs of every moment from when RMR first began To the amazing experiences of Sarah and Yam’s break dancing battles.But what the h*** is wrong with me? It must be the insanity, cuz I see the moment of all of us sitting down by a tree. Having tea while throwing hand grenades at the teachers who ruined our lives, and made it worse, cuz now they’re screeching like horses in a burning barn.

Go blow your horn you hoe so we could ditch the drama, and not get the trauma that ray has, oops did I say that sorry I didn’t mean that Ray. So what Ray C. is so crazy because he’s so lazy to turn off the ac, (sorry Ray didn’t mean that or the next one coming up either) or put food on the table. Oh wait, maybe he’s waiting for fame to rise up in flames saying “RMR tops the KLM charts” And he marks a sign saying “Make Poverty History.”

Here comes Miko telling me this is one h*** of a story, then asking so what’s mine going to be? I say you still got the guitara go to Karma and Sahara to become a superstara. When he goes to Karma and Sahara, he sees two drummers Ray C. and Rem B. trying to earn some green to come clean with their sound and rhythm. While Kimmy’s rapping down the lane with Ayna setting up her chain to break down the music industry. Sarah and Yam are break dancing in the club up against them Tootsie Roll Boys who act like girls; because all they do is make the swirls to piss off the club manager

So what did the club do? They forced them to leave by kicking ‘em out and band them from coming back. It’s just too bad, they really shouldn’t have done that even though they’d lose it and got high on crack, damn come to think of it I think they’re the crew was the one that did get high and die alive. That’s fricking worse than anything in the world, wish they didn’t even do that cuz they tried so much to win so I heard from Chris Brown who was there watching the Hound Dogs try to get through the train wreck so the wouldn’t the lost souls of the people in the accident.

PS: I don’t mean to insult anyone who is offended.

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