She Died of a Simple Broken Heart

A little girl died, a little girl died, they say she died from a heart attack, they say she died from cancer. But no one knows what she died from, some people say they know some people think they know but only her best friend knows. She knew him since they were kids. They practically knew everything about each other from what they love to what’s going on in a few weeks. But once they hit high school, they started to depart to their separate ways. They thought even if there in the same high school they would still be friends forever.

She kept that promise to herself and remembered it, he completely let it go once they started going to high school. She saw him again, she began to fall for him, but he had a girlfriend already. She was crushed, even though she still thought there was still hope for the both of them. He saw her all grown up and looking prettier everyday. Little did she know he kept the promise that they would be friends forever to himself, he thought of her everyday after school wondering, what if she would be surprised to know that he liked her to. He knew he had to pick between his girlfriend who he’d been with since the summer, or his best friend.

She thought to herself, “He’s probably going to lover more than ever, and forget about the promise that we made.” She kept thinking of him to. One day she started talking to him again hoping that they could start hanging out again. A couple days later they planned for a hangout that weekend she was excited, when the weekend came she waited for him at there old hang out place. She kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting, she waited for him the whole day, thinking that he would show up.

But he never did, when she went to school, she asked, “what happened, I thought we were going to hang out this weekend?” While he was with his friends, he told, “Did I say that we were going to hang out this weekend? I thought I told you I had plans this weekend.” She was insulted and walked away; she tried not to look back. She couldn’t believe what he had said after keeping promises.

Once it was her lunch break, she started to feel ill, but still tried to go on with school. While she was getting her lunch, her illness was beginning to make her feel worse every second, from feeling dizzy to getting headaches. Before she could get to her table she had suddenly fainted. He saw her fall but didn’t do anything because he thought she was just joking about it.

He noticed she didn’t get up, and his friends thought, “Oh, that chick’s just showing off to make a scene.” He rushed and knelt down next to her to check if she was breathing. She was still okay, and brought her to the nurse to go home. Still sad about him forgetting all the memories they made as friends she walked out of her house for a bit, and went to where they both used to hang out with a box of every memory that she kept. Sitting in the shade she opened the box and reminiscence about the past and cried while looking back.

Everyday she slowly became depressed of a broken heart, while at school her best friend wasn’t sure what to think about what happened; but decided to go back to the old hangout. He saw some notes there what were left for him, each letter he read and realized that he missed the opportunity with her by dating with someone else. Everyday he kept coming back to the old tree house still looking the same with no change at all. Each time he checked if there were letters there waiting for him after he had left some for her.

When a week had passed, he came back and saw her there in the tree hold sitting in on the floor. Looking pale and had the life sucked out of her body. A little girl died, a little girl died, she died with a broken heart. A broken heart that was meant to be with someone she fell in love with. She had a broken heart that was meant to fly somewhere but was shot down. This little girl died, this little girl died, she died with that simple broken heart.

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