Story of An Imagination

Every girl has a heart full of love in the beginning of their journey. The heart that they carry has a soul, body and mind that keep them hoping to be faithful, hoping that they wouldn’t get hurt when they fall in love for the first time. Every heart has a future, a future that would change a person’s life. At a young age a girl won’t be able to see it because she know and thinks she’s all grown up and cut out for the real-word.
But when it comes to her she’s lost her mind and doesn’t know what to do because at the age of sixteen she has a kid, that she had to take care of while going to school she sees the guy she had her baby with another girl. When he sees her he walks away from her, she realized that she was only used instead of actually falling in love.
Now she regrets not listening to her parents, when she should have. But she was hard headed, and all she could do is work and take care of her child. She sees her friends enjoying life, they ask her to go out with then, and she tells them, “I can’t.” Without thinking her friends snapped at her and said, “Oh yea that’s right you can’t because you have a kid to take care of.”
Everyday she’s ask god for help and though she tried to tell the guy he has a kid, he would always ignore her, that same day she sat up in her room thinking, if he would’ve believed her at all. Her eyes filled with tears her face went red. She didn’t know what to do. She was scared and she wanted to go home, but feared her family would disown her for having a child she couldn’t take care of.
Every night she prayed and cried herself to sleep waiting for a miracle. that never came, he never found out he had a kid, until that day he saw her walking, walking in the rain holding her two-month old baby in her arms, she tried to keep her baby warm. Knowing that she would end up cold, but she did it for her son.
When the father saw the kid, he tried to help her, but she stepped back looking at all the hardship he put her through without any help or support to give her hope, her face had the expressions of having everything lost except for her kid, which she cherished and loved forever.

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