The Cold Hearted Depression

Close your eyes, and imagine your heart is glass. You noticed its clean no scratches, cracks or touches showing that its going to break yet. But wait, there are some scratches that are starting to appear on the surface. Two seconds later, the glass shows signs that it’s going to crack. Each scratch, crack, and piece of glass that will break is represented by a burden. The scratches would represent the small things like teasing and other things that are related to it.

The burden of cracks would represent the untrue rumors or back stabbed comments made by other people. But at the same time your trying to keep your cool from losing your temper. As you can see now the cracks have increased and became longer, this is from people thinking you didn’t do your part on a project or assignment when you actually did something, but they were too blind to see it. Suddenly the glass has broken, and so you feel depressed, from what had happened that same day, that is the of the broken glass. No matter how hard you try to glue it all back together it’ll always break, that’s the feeling of the cold hearted depression.

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