The Ways of Nature to Love

I see the bright blue sea,
It shines and sparkles under the suns rays,
Yet it’s so clean to see.
I listen to the sound of waves,
In which the current moves back and forth,
It attracts me to gaze and gaze,
Like the stars that shine so bright in the night sky.
The moon glows so white like a ghost,
I see plains and craters on the moon,
Glowing visibly to see almost anything as long as a shadow,
The wind blows and flowers dance,
They toss and flow with the current of the wind.
Flowers dance as the lance of a knight clash their opponent.
I see the love that flows in the eyes of a mother,
The love of a child is always in need of guidance,
When a child stays with a mother the child will still loves their father even if they don’t show it.
Their love flows so clean and refined.
A mother will always keep her children safe,
No matter what happens,
She will always care for them,
Her heart hurts every time she’s hurt,
But they will have a way without words to comfort her.
We keep our families in our hearts and souls,
Since we have a special bond between the each of us,
Words are really meant nothing unless actions share their responses.

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