I wish I had the world in my hands, I wish life was much simpler than it is now, but how simple can life get when you have the friends who can support you and ask for advise. I know everything had its own odds to fight against, but how does that apply to me when I can just be what I can be.
Everyone shares their doubts about other people with their friends, but I keep my mine close to me knowing that I have what it takes to succeed in my own life, no matter how many people think that one person can’t change the world.

        One person can make a difference in other peoples life, and change at least one thing in another. Changes only happen in different way that are unseen, and you won’t know whether a person has changed or not if you judge them by their looks when you can explore their personality.

        It’s not always the charms, looks and media that makes a girl get the man they want. It depends on the personality of the guy if he’s worth it or not. You shouldn’t and can’t love a person that doesn’t love you back, but you should at least love someone who can care for you and spend the rest of their life with you.
It’s the “Dark Ages” that bring the darkness in your life it’s what your afraid of, the light will only come if you open your heart to those you trust and know they can trust you. It’s not a love of your life who always bring the light to your darkness. It’s what you see in the person that brings you the sunshine in the lives of other people around whether they are young or old.

          When you believe in yourself the sunshine can come to you whether you in love or not. No matter what happens when you need a shoulder to cry on if not your friends, the love of your life then you only have one choice and that’s your family. Your parents will always be there for you but times running out before you know it they’ll be gone and you’ll have to living on your own, with a family of your own.
          Lives not always what it seems when people come and go, but who knows if there’s only one thing that I know people have with their friends, families, and people who gave them the best love lives is that we all have different connections with each other to make our lives that way we want it to be.

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