We May Look Different But We See The Same Sky

We may look different but we see the same sky we may see different but we cry the same cry. It does not matter who we are, we were are, or what we are, and we’re still on the same place, just a different side of the earth. Everyday we think we’re some place different but every part of the world is different the only thing that is the same is the sky and your background, a tragedy may happen in one place but you don’t have to be from that country to go through the pain and aches. When we look up we see the same sky the same faces but we cry the same cry for the things we believe in, for the things that’s most important to us is are the things that keeps us the way we are. The way we live is not what we are, the future only changes on how you make it, yesterday was a memory, today we make history, and tomorrow will always be a mystery to everyone.

If you don’t know where you came from then you won’t know where you’re going. If you don’t know where you started then how will you know where you’re going to end? Life isn’t a game and neither is love you only have one life to live and one chance to live it, the stories about cats having nine lives isn’t true unless you see nine different cats that look the same of the same cat nine different times. When were kids we want to grow up so fast to have a taste of what the real world is, when we’re all grown up we want to be like kids again so that we could feel young again. Everyday we see kids doing what they aren’t suppose to be doing, but then again we look back at some of our own lives and say well I remember doing the same thing, but my negative influences shouldn’t be taking over you either. We all know we’ve done our wrong deeds, and suffered our consequences for it.

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