Guardian Angels Can Give You Hope

Did you ever think that you had a guardian angel that kept your hopes up they kept you feeling as if you still have hope that’s keeping you from falling anywhere. You never know who your guardian angel is until later on, because your guardian angel could be anyone, and you only realize it when they leave, their always going to give you hope that it’s already too late.

Your patience with people can bring you only to a limited distance, while your hope and guardian angel can bring you so far. Open your mind let it fly, trust that you can trust but give those who you feel you can’t trust the benefit of the doubt, but don’t trust them completely until you feel you are ready to trust them completely. Your guardian angel may not be permanent physically, but in your own heart and hope they will be permanent, because although one person can make a difference in whole world with their own patience and support it’s mostly their hope and faith that will get them through anything.

You can tell people your one person, and really be another because you could be trying to change your life around to be the person you appear to be to everyone. You could have a bad pass and still make your future a good one, you could have many regrets and replace those regrets with accomplishments, because you hoped for it and a guardian angel kept you from hurting everyone that you cared about.

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