Silence Will be Broken

Dead silence fills the room as I sit in the desk waiting for time to pass me by. In silence everyone shall stay with their own bickering going as they have their music flowing through their ears minding their own business as if nothing around them exists. Their mouths run more and more voice growing louder and louder, not caring about the people around them telling them to lower their voices.

In dead silence i sleep with dreams full of nightmares and dreams full of good luck. Every dreams has a meaning and a sign to it, but what does it mean. All look like reality but one can only be reality even when you’re asleep. Let silence break its bonds and the quietness fly away, fill the are with bickering and sound of everyones music.

You can love many people but there’s only one person you can really love for the rest of your life. You can live life once but its your choice to make a living out of life. If you know you can be what you want to be, then work hard at it so you can get to where you want to be.

God gave you the tools to make your differences, all you have to do is use them to do it. Life is at your own finger tips so make what you can, because you only live once and when its over its all gone. You can have one mistake to make and have a long time to fix it or you can have many regrets with limited time to fix them all.

Past Is Nothing But Memories

The past is the past, the future is your outcome of the present. Leave not your memories that were well worth the moments spent with your friends, family, and all those you care about, but only leave the memories that are not worth looking back on. People will always judge you no matter how many different personalities and impressions that you show and give out to the world, there’s only one impression that will always stick to you and its the only impression that you know how to perfect and be so well without trying, that would be being the real you. If you’re being you and no one else, then you know you can be trusted. People who judge negatively, only hear rumors and believe them, but they don’t know you.