What Does Everyone Else See?

Who am I to you? What am I worth? Why is it that these questions keep popping up in my head, and still end up with the same old answer knowing that its true to my eyes, while others see something different. How it is that someone does one thing and it doesn’t seem like its up to a person’s standards but someone else does the same thing and it seems so much better. What is it that I show that I don’t even see but everyone else does? I’m probably overreacting and over thinking to myself but sometimes its worth it. Life is short, yeah but is not knowing what you want a waste of time when you’ve come so far ahead of where most people say there at.

Who knows, sometimes its they way you are that could change people and first judgements could hurt because they’re first opinions, as you get to know a person you’ll be able to see their flaws and what makes a person the way they are. When you see it only then, will your judgements against them change.

What’s Lost Is Found and Shall Never be Forgotten

Its been forever since I last spoken a word of the wise. Its time to speak the words from your mind if you have any, lives has its short hits and the long runs, but at some point we all have to deal with it one way or another. Not everything will go ours way but we will always need to move on to the next. Looking back at everything may not see the same at first, but hey whats in the past stays in the past.

You start something you have to keep moving on. You could falls ten times in a day and get up fifteen more times because of not giving up. If your at the point the point of giving up try to get yourself out back being happy for what you have compared to other. They may look down at you and saying that you’re not going to make it. But the hell with it you will make it if you just believe that you’re smart enough to do it.

When life gets you down think of the greatness that you can and will achieve. I may still be young, and not seem so wise at all but at the same time I have my reasons to be they way that I am. I slipped, I fell, I broke down, but still somehow I seem to get myself back up to the top even when people hold many regrets against me.

There was a time I fell in love and it never worked, I never tried to kill myself for something that I tried to figure out why they heck I was doing what I did. Until I took a second look at my own life compared to others. As hard as it seems I”m still that quiet kid that everyone knows but there are times that I would want to lose my head so much that I couldn’t stand life itself.

What’s lost is found and shall never be forgotten if you appreciate all that you have and remember once that you were in a position to hard times to make your life better rather than looking down at those who are in the position of breaking down.