Let it Fly or Let it Fall

Drama walked out the door and life is talking in walk down the runway. When you’re mad and you don’t want it to get to you, all you have to do is go to where you have to go, when you reach the door leave all your anger out that door and go on with what you have to do that day. Let the drama fall through the floor and out the door, let your happiness fly up to the sky’s limits, if you know your friends are always going to be there for you, then you know you have real friends when they show you that they’ve been there through all your hardships when you need it.

Let life fly so high because as low as you could feel, the sky could also make you feel higher than ever. Many will look down, but its because they will always say that they would never be in your position. The last thing that would hit out of  nowhere they will end up in that one position that they said they would never be in, while your in the better position of working harder to make a living. Everyone wants to live the high life, but no one wants to work for it, everyone wants to be rich but no one wants to make the money to be rich.