Live Today Be Gone Tomorrow

It’s amazing how you can feel like something new is a good thing, but somehow turn out the opposite. How things happen without occurrence is the same reason things happen without thinking. You live only one, but your life is filled with youth that will change one way or another. You can only have things going one way if you’re the only person talking, but if you’re two people there has to be a communication bridge where the words run two-ways to be left free of disagreements. A world without chaos is a world with the false utopia, a world with chaos only is a world full of destruction, but a world of both good and evil mixed together is a world that is balanced out.

If you live to be a hundred, then you’d be able to see the changes from the day you stepped into the world, until the day that its your time to leave. When you leave, you’re leaving all your memories, and loved ones whom you’ve known throughout your life, you maybe even leaving the one person who you love the most apart from every other person who you know.

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