I’m Still Standing

Have you ever felt like you had apart of you that was already closed but it had to be completely locked up? Have you ever had all the odd coincidences somehow appear in your dreams and just become true when its least expected. It’s time to let the past be locked up in the vault, its time for it to be sealed in a box and buried in the dirt to be seen later one. What’s left of my past is now gone, although it still gets to me once in awhile, but still dead i shall feel for awhile but not for long.

That section of my life will be burned like the rest of the other mistakes that have taken place, they will be burned and never be revived again because I’m still standing strong holding up my grounds higher than ever. Let not one person bring you down, no matter how hard they try to break you, you still and always still have the might to stand strong.

I’m still here standing high on my grounds surviving with whatever is left of me living it to the fullest. What was dropped to the ground is buried, and opening it would be another story of disaster. I’m out of the shadows walking into light, I’m done with the obstacles holding me back, now all there is to do is move forward and keep my mind on the future.

What Do Your Dreams Mean

When you dream while you’re asleep does it seem real to you, or is it sometimes a coincidence that it hits reality. Dreams can hit a point in life that it would turn into reality but you never know if its true unless it really does happen. A dream can sometimes be your last resort to your own feelings if it needs to be. Sometimes I wonder if dreams are just the garbage that’s being emptied from your head and sometimes from your heart to clean up your soul. Usually dreams are thoughts that are being emptied from your mind or thoughts that are left at the back of your mind and not wanted to be brought back to the front.

When you dream, does it scare you sometimes or bring a smile to your face when you wake up, do your dreams make you wish that they would never end. Which situation would you rather be in asleep for the rest of your life dreaming or being awake and living your dreams, working hard to make them become true.

Time to Hit the Road

I’m not an angel, devil, or God, I’m only one person me. I can be anyone else if I wanted to be, but I don’t try, I can lie to people for their trust, but what good is that? I’m not a guardian only a person who has their own views of the world that could be both good and bad. I can change back and forth my moods but they bother trying to figure me out when I can’t even figure myself out, I don’t judge only learn, I break but I never heal. Fake smiles can change me every now and then, but not that mask the mask I wear. The mask I wear and show to the world  is the mask I’ve had for years, this mask kept me safe when I needed it.

It brought me a new look to life, the point to anything has its own purpose to bring like to. When the mask blends in with me the real me shows. When the mask doesn’t blend in it breaks and becomes replaced by a new one. You can be a different person, someone wouldn’t believe who you are and still be the person you are. Break yourself  and you suffer your consequences on your own. Break yourself confidence and you can build it back up without feeling lost in the world.

If you know what you want the go for it. If you think and you know you’ve got what it takes then chase your dream for it. If you know you can handle it then prove it to them, show them you know you can beat the factor of you being wrong, because everything that’s on you likes in your hands to accomplish. God gave you the tools to do the work, its your choice to start and finish it or not do a damn thing at all. Never take other peoples bullshit if you can’t work through your own.

High school is nothing but memories. Dreams, drama, and broken hearts. For most people getting through could mean something for others high school could mean many things. Whether you finish or not is your own choice. You need to make it or break it, because you can do what you want and you can make it if you try. We all say the opposite saying we can’t do something then later on we say we can with the look of hypocritical eyes looking at us as if we had committed a crime.

If people talked down to with words that are untrue don’t believe it because if you know yourself more than anyone else knows. If you know who you really are then prove them wrong, show then what you know but don’t discourage them like they did to you. If you show them your anger they’ll do the same in return only difference is that nothing will ever be settled to its rightful place.

If you had one place to run to only to get away from everyone would you? If time could stop would you let yourself drop down to the floor or stand up right and be proud for what you accomplished. One chance for anything would give you once chance for everything, because there’s always on life for everything, and one chance for everything.

I’ve Seen It All

I’ve seen angels walk by, I’ve seen hearts fly in a single heart, I’ve seen hearts break and crash into pieces, and tears rolling down peoples faces surrounded by fear. I’ve felt the touch of a friend, I’ve seen the goodness in peoples hearts that have turned to hate from love to madness. I’ve seen friends as family and family as friends, but I’ve never seen an angel from above that ever gave love to those who need it the most. I’ve seen the rich become richer and the poor become poorer but I’ve never seen the one in the middle lose it all more than they’re supposed to.

Flowers grow, birds fly, and trees bear fruit. New days come and old days go, present changes in the past and future become the present. What’s there to see when you feel like you’re surrounded by darkness. I’m slipping hidden in the darkness, and I’m losing my mind. The harder I try to breathe the weaker my heart becomes, and still I keep trying to reach the light, but no matter how hard I try something keeps pulling me down.