I’ve Seen It All

I’ve seen angels walk by, I’ve seen hearts fly in a single heart, I’ve seen hearts break and crash into pieces, and tears rolling down peoples faces surrounded by fear. I’ve felt the touch of a friend, I’ve seen the goodness in peoples hearts that have turned to hate from love to madness. I’ve seen friends as family and family as friends, but I’ve never seen an angel from above that ever gave love to those who need it the most. I’ve seen the rich become richer and the poor become poorer but I’ve never seen the one in the middle lose it all more than they’re supposed to.

Flowers grow, birds fly, and trees bear fruit. New days come and old days go, present changes in the past and future become the present. What’s there to see when you feel like you’re surrounded by darkness. I’m slipping hidden in the darkness, and I’m losing my mind. The harder I try to breathe the weaker my heart becomes, and still I keep trying to reach the light, but no matter how hard I try something keeps pulling me down.

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