What Do Your Dreams Mean

When you dream while you’re asleep does it seem real to you, or is it sometimes a coincidence that it hits reality. Dreams can hit a point in life that it would turn into reality but you never know if its true unless it really does happen. A dream can sometimes be your last resort to your own feelings if it needs to be. Sometimes I wonder if dreams are just the garbage that’s being emptied from your head and sometimes from your heart to clean up your soul. Usually dreams are thoughts that are being emptied from your mind or thoughts that are left at the back of your mind and not wanted to be brought back to the front.

When you dream, does it scare you sometimes or bring a smile to your face when you wake up, do your dreams make you wish that they would never end. Which situation would you rather be in asleep for the rest of your life dreaming or being awake and living your dreams, working hard to make them become true.

One thought on “What Do Your Dreams Mean

  1. ya know what?? i do think that my dreams do feel real somtimes and i keep thinking it'll actually come true…
    I'm kinda scare to know if my dream will come true or not
    Its both bad and good dreams….
    But i totally agree with you between reality and the dreams you have in your mind..


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