I’m Still Standing

Have you ever felt like you had apart of you that was already closed but it had to be completely locked up? Have you ever had all the odd coincidences somehow appear in your dreams and just become true when its least expected. It’s time to let the past be locked up in the vault, its time for it to be sealed in a box and buried in the dirt to be seen later one. What’s left of my past is now gone, although it still gets to me once in awhile, but still dead i shall feel for awhile but not for long.

That section of my life will be burned like the rest of the other mistakes that have taken place, they will be burned and never be revived again because I’m still standing strong holding up my grounds higher than ever. Let not one person bring you down, no matter how hard they try to break you, you still and always still have the might to stand strong.

I’m still here standing high on my grounds surviving with whatever is left of me living it to the fullest. What was dropped to the ground is buried, and opening it would be another story of disaster. I’m out of the shadows walking into light, I’m done with the obstacles holding me back, now all there is to do is move forward and keep my mind on the future.

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