Can You Make a Decision When You Have No Thoughts

How long could you miss a person that you love, how long could you keep them in your heart before someone else comes into you’re life and makes you’re stomach flip on a new leaf? How long can you stand to be away from them if you can’t even stand  being near them? These questions are only answered by yourself with thought, if you keep on thinking about it to set yourself straight.

Have you ever felt so out of place that you can’t even think straight, and your trying to categorize every thought in your head, while apart of you doesn’t even want to find out what the real reason is for me to feel so out of place. Apart of you would tell you, “Alright let’s go, we can get through this, just keep searching,” while the other side of you says, “Forget it, you can’t find it, because if you do, its going to hurt us and you, so keep it hidden.” Even if the powers go out from a storm, don’t ever think that its the end of the world,  because sometimes you just have to put your hands together and pray and hope for the best.

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