Stephen Covey

“Begin with the end in Mind.” Stephen Covey

This quote means to finish what you have decided to start, and don’t give up. Difficult as it may seem to still want to pull through is easier said than done but in  the end of it all, its worth ever minute of the hard work you put into it and when you finished it. Begin a goal but don’t let it go, finish it until the end, but don’t stop it half way. Determination and persistence pushes you through, even in your darkest moments.

Do not let anything stop you, and at the same time think about if you’re making the right decision. One day you can feel like you’re on top of the world the next day you can feel like you’re the lowest person compared to everyone else, positive thoughts keep pushing forward, and negative can pull you down but can also make you stronger than you really are. Sometimes you can push yourself so far but when you have so little time, but you have so much to do.

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