R.I.P. Friend Letter 1

Sometimes you don’t really know how valuable an old friend could be until they’ve past away. You could have years pass, and still think about that old friend, you can have years pass you by not knowing how a person is because haven’t been able to talk to them, when you know you wanted to. You can hear voices and people telling you things that may come up when you least expect it. Sometimes losses can happen sooner than you really think. You were the one person who helped me watch over her, the one who always kept her smiling even if I couldn’t do it, you seen her at her worsts and helped her through it when I had no time to talk to anyone not even her.

I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you when I had the chance, even when I tried I knew you were busy with everything. I wish I could see you, and still catch up with you about the good old days, but now that you’re gone it seems so unreal. I still remember the times when the three of us would always smile, laugh, and play, during our younger years. We both still see those small memories flying around us even though you’re gone you will always be remembered to us, and everyone who loved you and was always there for you, when you need them.

Rest In Peace to those who have past especially Reeem Al-Thani.

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