Simple Me

There are days when I feel lost and I tend to look back when I shouldn’t, I know I’ve locked up my past and let all my hold backs go. But still apart of me is stuck there, I know I’m going to say I don’t care because I’ve let go although a part of me is still there when its not suppose to be there at all. Love? What is love? Like thin air, it floats everywhere tugging a people hearts giving the make it or break it trial. Everyone says you’ll fall in love only once in a lifetime, but I fell more than once, and still managed to keep everything a secret given to me close to heart. I’ve been broken apart, I’ve been sown back together, I’ve had walls built up to keep me from moving forward and pulled down to pieces to see what’s on the other side, if its any brighter that what I see now. Black and white were the only colors I could see, until my epiphany, I finally managed to see everything in colors.

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