R.I.P. Friend Letter 4

If I could fly away just to see you for the last time, I would’ve already done it when I had the chance. I should have taken that one moment left in time, to be with you when I had the chance. I can’t turn the hands of time anymore, but all I can do is keep pushing myself forward, no matter how hard the pain of letting you go is. You got me through so much, knowing that regret would catch to me at some point. If I had my chance to fly away, away from here and get to you before you’re time was called I would have done it.

You got me through the barricades and gave me the hope that I needed to not worry so much. You helped me keep her out of the dark light when she needed it, and even at the time I had lost my chance. Everyday I walk my paths to wherever I have to go bring a pile of regrets from the past that I’ve gotten over, but are still attached to me.

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