Attempt or Move On

You could try to catch a train, you can try to catch a plane, or walk the desert while the hot winds blows. You can walk the streets like you’re the big shot in town, but how far would that bring you? You can try to hit the gym like crazy to keep your body built, you can try to be someone you’re not, and lie about it. But really see the truth slowly builds. But you won’t know what’s happening until its too late.

You could do the oddest things in life and become affected by the hatred given to you for it, or you can show people, someone who’s still the same but changed to someone new. You could be stuck in the past and be depressed, or you can try to let it go and move on, you could pretend to be a man to others, but be weak to someone who thinks they have a chance to be with you.

Stand up for yourself, love could stay or go, if she goes, you have to move on to the next no matter how hard it is there’s always someone better to take their place. The past maybe difficult to let go, but letting go only makes you stronger. You can try to rewrite my poems to make it yours and try to get the same feeling, but that won’t happen. You can call your guards, you can ring the alarm, and you can have you’re secret information on me but I won’t back down. You can try to hold me back, but you won’t see me, you won’t hear me, or even find any traces of me except thin air.

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