R.I.P. Friend Letter 5

It’s almost been a month since I found out you left, and I still can’t believe you’re gone. I wish I had my chance, and I know I regret not speaking or seeing you since we were kids. I could still see the memories of you laughing and running around, and I know you’re probably reading this as I’m typing this, since you’re looking down watching those who care about you.

Girl, sometimes I wish we could switch places, so that you could live you’re life more, because you were so young when you left. I can’t let missing you so much even if I had not seen, talked, or heard your voice for so long, it still hurt so know that you’re gone, and could have still been around fulfilling memories and spreading you’re amazing joy with every person that you met.

I’m glad she’s getting by, knowing that she misses you and still thinks of you every now and then. I know I shouldn’t be holding on you to anymore, but I still can’t let go, not yet. I can be sorry for many things, but I’m more sorry that I never took the time to talk to you, and I wish I had my chance to come back before you left.

You know, I’ve always been here for everyone to talk to, but I regret not being here for you not to talk to. I was glad that you still remembered me, and attempted to talk to me that one time on facebook. I only regret the fact that we really never got to talk or catch up at all, I wish I was able to see what you look like now because I only remember what you looked like when we were still kids.

Tonight is the night where the dead would have been revived if it really ever happened, and even then I will would have loved to see you again. Every year tonight always reminded me of that one memory we had at the imitation of the haunted house in school when everyone attempted to scare us all while we were walking through the classrooms.

I sometimes would always wonder why was I the lucky one, why me when it should have been my sweet dear cousin. Sometimes it seems a little funny how you’re one of the only people I could talk to who would listen even if I always got my answers very late, I never minded it. Every time I try to talk, think, sometimes even hear or see you, I always tend to choke up, because it very difficult to believe that you’re really gone.

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