R.I.P Friend Letter 6

I hear whispers everywhere, I don’t know who their from, or for what reason I hear them. When I look around I still I hear them, but when I look up to see where there coming from they vanish. Every time a thought doesn’t come to me, a memory of you does, and I start to tear up when I try to let it go. I try to live the moment, when people are around, but when I’m sitting alone I hear every word that sounds like you’re the one saying them, instead of other people.

It’s hard not to tear up everyday, when there’s a memory that hits a nerve. I know I shouldn’t blame myself for you’re death but I do. I blame myself for not talking to you, for not being there for you when I should have been. Knowing that last night was halloween hit a nerve in my memory back in the day, when we walked through the haunted classrooms at school you, Sheila, and me, that night was my one and only best memories with you that time. You’re completely irreplaceable to many people, even to me. It’s been so long, but still you’re one of the dearest people to my heart. I could miss a thousand different people but you’re the one person I will always miss the most.

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