Mystery Child

Dark skies, bright stars, cold winds, icy drops of rain running down her warm back. She shivers and shakes, cold air of the winds run against her face turning it red and slowly turning numb. She’s wrapped up in warm clothing, but still feels the iciness of the cold running through her body numbing every part of her, she falls to the ground in a small corner and curls into a ball, attempting to use what’s left of her warmth for the rest of her body.

She tries to move but the more she moves the colder she becomes, she keeps moving slowly stretching herself out to move trying to stand up and walk. As she starts walking she holds herself up against the wall railings within her surroundings to keep her balance. Even though she’s cold she walks around looking for whatever food she find, hungry and homeless she tries to find her way around to make something of herself. She’s feeling hopeless knowing that she cannot do much at the moment.

She’s scared and has nowhere to go, and not one person to run to, with no place to run to and nowhere to go, she has no one to trust. She fears there is no hope for her in this cold world, she feels she’s covered by darkness all around her, she has no way out and not light to run to. Often she has black outs, but attempts to over-come them every time they take place.

She’s been disowned and called dead to the eyes of her own family, her own rebellious attitude towards her family and ruining of her own future. She hears whispers, but she doesn’t see whose talking, she feels them floating around her, but she can’t touch them. If she sees the spirits, her voice is silence before the evil touches her. She stands still for a moment to try to release the numbness from her body and adjust to the cold air. Her skin turns pail white and her eyes become bloodshot red, although wrapped in warm clothing the cold air stolen the warm feeling from her body and replaced it with cold air.

Her heart was covered in warm flesh, but its now replaced with cold-heart stone filled with sadness and hatred. Untrustworthy to the world, while underneath that cold sad child-like person, is a completely warm-hearted child filled with happiness locked up in a box, trying to break free but has no hope in doing so. She is frowned up on for wrong doings she doesn’t deserved to be frowned upon for because she has not committed any wrong doings through out her life. One day she won’t realize it, but there will be a group of people that will help her when she least expect it, the change in her life will occur when she’s asleep, and like a dream her life with flash right before her eyes.

Now she enjoys the new life she’s given and makes the best of it, knowing that she’s going to do everything in her power to not return to the unforgivable past and live through it again. Her quiet prayers were answered everyday as she fell asleep, with the picture of a family she once had hidden under her pillow. She hopes that one day they will accept her return with open arms full of love and forgiveness.

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