Mystery Child 2

She’s sees you but she cannot hear you, she’s looks for you, but cannot talk to you. When she hears your voice she has no way to find you, she walks everywhere to try to see, but she’s blocked by darkness. She tries to stay calm and not scream her anger out, but she keeps screaming. She keeps her mouth shut to keep herself and ignore those who look her down.

Half her heart walks a thousand miles everyday to see a black heart rise and fall into her life, while the other half just keeps walking a thousand miles everyday and never stops. She wishes she could fall into the sky and keep going as time passes by.

She has no reason to live, she has no talent to show, and no impressions to make on people. She’s only seen one way, and no one ever bothers to be given a chance to explore the real her. She keeps pushing herself to talk, every chance she gets, but at every attempt that she earns, she is always silenced while everyone talks over her. She has no way out, and she lives in the dark, her light had died with her dreams.

She wasn’t spoiled, she wasn’t poor, she wasn’t jealous, she wasn’t old but she wasn’t too young either, she was stuck. Stuck in a world where she had no way out, no where to run, no where to go. She’s lonely and she is lost. Since she is stuck she sits, sits in a bed, a bed in the hospital where people are trying to figure out what is wrong with her.

They keep trying and trying, but they never figured it out, even she doesn’t even know what was going on with her. Her eyes move left and right, while her brain moves back and forth between her ages, she’s stuck and she knows it. She’s lost and she can’t do anything about it, because she doesn’t even know what’s wrong with her.

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