Mystery Girl

A child that grows up free and happy, her smile will always be one of the things that light up her family’s world. A child is in her own world when she’s a little girl, but as she grows up, she realizes that everything becomes more and more difficult. Her life went from easy to live to hard to deal with everything, every time a fight in her family happens with anyone including her she wishes, she could disappear, she wishes she was gone hoping that the fights would never happen at all. She always has her wishes she didn’t want to be born whenever an argument ever came up.

She listens to her heart as her last resort to bring her back to reality. She tries to figure out the fights that go on every night, but they never get settled, every night its always the same thing repeating. She prays every night for the arguments to stop, hoping God would have some kind of solution to put a stop to it all. She goes to school everyday acting all happy, and keep her sadness bottled up in her heart, to not let anyone see her tears run down her face. Every night she cries and cries, hoping for a change but it never happens, she keeps crying until she can never shed a tear for anything.

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