Make It Or Break It

I see it, I hear it, I know it, so why bother repeating the same words over again. I can kill the voices only if I kill myself. My mind can play its tricks, but my heart will let it go. Let them break the chains, let them crack the glass, let them throw their bombs. As long as you know the truth nothing can hurt your heart. You may not be made of gold, you may not be burned through metal. But you are hard as stone, break the knots burn the bridges and cut the ropes. Hold a knife to your throat and debate on a scratch or suicide.

Someone once said, “My greatest inspiration is in my darkest hour.” Which is a true statement because during your darkest hour is when all your true feelings show up. During your darkest hour is when you will gain your courage and hope, lies make come up, but deep thought will run through you’re mind faster than you can even talk. Lessons will be taught and learns, life is your book, and you’re the author, the way the words are said is the way you write your story and play your part.

Through thick and thin it will always be difficult to get pass all odd but there’s always a way to make it work even if sacrifices have to be made. You can’t walk out on everything, because you will miss the most beautiful moments in life. Everything has a color and everything has a hidden side, secrets are locked away stories and photos are in closed shelves, and memories are sealed with a kiss. Take it or leave it life is made the way you make it, from light to dark and from night to day.

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