Who’s this girl?

Who’s that little girl, the one who tried to not put her heart out in the world, when she knew she didn’t need it. Who’s that little girl, the one who made herself strong, the one who tried to keep her head up, but always saw darkness. Who is this girl, the same girl that walks out of a house hoping, she still got that magic that could bring the sunshine and smile to a person’s face.

Everyday this little girl gets up and looks at herself in the mirror looking at a person who looks older than her but is exactly the same reflection. She always looks up at the sun telling herself that she’s going to have a good day and nothing is going to bring her down, but that doesn’t always seem to be that way.

She has hate filled in her heart, but rarely shows it. She always covered up her hatred with a mask that doesn’t show unless she wants to reveal it. She smiles everyday, and hides her pain from everyone, she keeps her mind off her flashbacks when she can.

Everyone says she needs help, but all she really needs is to just keep moving forward and not let anything get to her. She knows what she has to do, but when she has nothing to do the past, but it just walks into her mind and starts painting pictures that she doesn’t even want to remember.

Who’s that little girl that always puts a happy face on, the one that could have been the one for any guy. Who’s that little girl that has changed other peoples lives, and tried to change her own life. She can’t shed any tears for any guy because she locked her hearts up with an unbreakable key, she always puts herself first before anyone. Who’s that little girl that pushes herself until she can’t push no more, and tries to make the best of what she’s got. That little girl is me.