Stay Out of My Life

I wish I never met you, I wish I never talked to you, I wish I never even knew you. After all you put me through you think I would still want to be friends with you, or still want you around as my so called “big brother”. Every time we talked I felt like I was being suffocated by air, whenever we argued I always wished the worse for you. Every time I was annoyed I wanted to piss you off just for the hell of it, I’m tired of your sorry ass acting like your all innocent and bullshit like that when you lie about everything that you tell people. You think I don’t hear anything that you’re saying, but I hear it, and knowing you, its obvious that you would attempt to turn the tables on me, when in the beginning I have been the one holding back every insult in my mind that I’ve been wanting to throw in your face. I hate you so stay out of my life!

Everything I Want

You’re everything I’ve been looking for, and you’re everything I want. You’re beyond perfect, and you always make me smile, you always say things at the right moment, even if its out of the blue. You say the sweetest things to me, and prove to me that you’re different from every other person out there, who says one thing but does another. Everyday you’re full of surprises, and everyday I can never get tired of talking to you or saying the same things to you everyday. You always make me happy, even when I’m sad, you make me blush, even if I feel shy, you always make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world for you. You’re all I want and you’re beyond the perfect person for me.

You’re everything I want, you’re everything I need, you’re everything I’ve been looking for. You say all the right things at the right time, and I can never get enough of you. You’re amazing beyond words and when it all comes down to you I can never do anything but appear speechless and smile. Even if I’m around you, I still miss you, and even when we’re far apart I would always miss you. You stole my heart and made me feel like the happiest and the luckiest girl in the world. You’re always down for me, and I’m always going to be down for you, because your the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Half And Half

I like how you give me hope when I need it, I like how you push me through the loop holes when I, myself can’t see them. I like how you give me hope, but knowing that opportunity will never come true. I like how sometimes I try but its always hidden and when I don’t show what I try to you, you seem to noticed. I like how you see something in me that other people don’t see.

I like how you see me for me, while others see me for the wrongs I had done in the past. I like how you always say I deserve better than what I have, when I know I really don’t deserve much at all. I like how everything has a light and dark side to it and its always difficult to tell. I can’t say I’m perfect because no one is perfect, and I can’t be selfish even if I wanted to, but what’s wrong with selfish, and if love is a crime, then punish me because I would die for you. Would you notice, if I told you something you would least expect, would you look at me like what the hell, or just push me out of the way like nothing really happened?