Half And Half

I like how you give me hope when I need it, I like how you push me through the loop holes when I, myself can’t see them. I like how you give me hope, but knowing that opportunity will never come true. I like how sometimes I try but its always hidden and when I don’t show what I try to you, you seem to noticed. I like how you see something in me that other people don’t see.

I like how you see me for me, while others see me for the wrongs I had done in the past. I like how you always say I deserve better than what I have, when I know I really don’t deserve much at all. I like how everything has a light and dark side to it and its always difficult to tell. I can’t say I’m perfect because no one is perfect, and I can’t be selfish even if I wanted to, but what’s wrong with selfish, and if love is a crime, then punish me because I would die for you. Would you notice, if I told you something you would least expect, would you look at me like what the hell, or just push me out of the way like nothing really happened?

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