You Changed Me

Everyday I think about you I smile, every time I talk with you I blush, every message I read from you I just keep thinking about the messages becoming pictures in my head. Un-break my heart, because I don’t want to shed anymore tears. I know you love me and I do love you. I’m so sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m always telling myself another summer day had gone away. You’re all I want and I found it in your heart when I’m talking to you or getting message from you, I feel like I’m in heaven.

You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, and I’ve never been so happy in my life. When you’re on my mind people always noticed I’m always in a good mood. Sometimes I’m always asking myself why me? Why was I picked of all the girls that are or could do so much better of what I could do, but in the end I always know its because I’m different. No I’ve haven’t felt this good in so long and I wish this feeling that you’ve wrapped around my heart. This crazy love you’ve got wrapped around me never ends.

If I started off new the only reason would only because I’m not a perfect person, and its because you’ve opened a door that showed me a side of love that I thought I would never find. Yes, I’m like a fence when it comes to making decisions, but when it has everything to do with you it feels so right. Even though you always say I’m the right girl for you, I may have a look thinking if I’m really the right one for you even though I know I’m stuck on you because of how good you are to me.

I know it may not seem like everything I say is surprising and unbelievable but its all true, I could always careless about that others say about us, because they don’t know anything about us. I never want to stop talking to you because you bring me so much joy to my heart, its so hard to believe that I found that one real man I’ve been wishing, that I’ve been praying for every night through out my life, and I finally got what I wanted it was you.

You picked me up when I was down, you lifted my heart while it laid lifeless on the grounds of broken hearts burning in pain. You saved me while I saved you from not believing in anything could really exist. You brought fireworks to my eyes and a curve to my smile when I put up a mask of fake smiles. You brought me to happiness when I couldn’t find it. You’ve changed me to be a better me, while I’ve changed you to be a better you and see that all things can exist if you don’t let negativity catch you off caught.

I’m Staying

You raise me up to be more than I can be. I know can’t do much but be there for you. I wish I was already with you, in your arms spending every moment through out the day and night. You’re the first thing on my mind and the one person I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know we’ve only known each other for a couple months, and of all the few that have been good to me, you’ve been so much better. No matter how much negatives we’ve been through I’m still going to love you no matter what. Yes, I’m an airhead but I’m the airhead that could be so good to you no matter what. You can tell me a lot of thing about you from you’re past, I’m still going to love you no matter what. I said I wasn’t going anywhere and I meant it and everything I had said.