My Sister

            My sister, my sister, my dear sister, I love you so much I love you for life, your one of my happy people and one of my closest people. I’m here for you no matter what I’m here for you always. You’re my sister and that’s how it shall stay, you help me through the good and the bad, I’ll help you with the bad and the good. I’ll give you advice when you need it and you give me advice when I need it. I love you my sister you’re one of my best friends, and you’re amazing, whoever looks down on you is only jealous because they either want to be you, or can’t find anyone who is exactly like you.

            My sister you’re the one that people say are crazy, but I know the truth you’re amazingly sweet, and cool you got everything it takes to be the best friend that every person looks for even if they can’t see it now they may never figure it out without the want and desire to even bother. You are my ray of sunshine to be excited you are the rain drops that slide along the windowsill waiting to be slip away by someone who keeps you as close as all your friends do.

            You’re one of the sweetest most kindest people that I’ve known for years, you always bring a smile when someone is feeling bad. You know you’ve got a small world out there and you know you’ve got a wide imagination, where it shall bring you? I don’t know, but in the long run you shall tell me one day it happens to you. No one in this world could ever take your rightful place as one of my sisters that I’ve known for so long.