I Need You Now More Than Ever

            Where are you? Where could you be? Where were you when I needed you the most? You’re making me worried so much that its killing me, I’m trying my hardest to hope that you’re okay, I know I’m the only person that can keep you calm, I’m the only person that can make you keep your head on straight. You always keep your word, you believed in me when I never believed in myself. Now I have no idea where you are, and it worries me so much.

             If I lost you I would realize I’ve lost my happiness, I’ve lost the color in my world, the sunshine in my life, and the curve to my smile. I know I’m perfect in you’re eyes but I’m also the one person that would never hurt you, I’m still going to be here for you, and you’re always going to be the only one that has a special place in my heart. You’ve given me all the happiness that I never expected to be given. You’ve always shown me the shinier side of every quarter and the greener side at the end of the tunnel.

Every night I wish you were with me so that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything going wrong, because in my arms is where you shall stay, in my arms is where you belong, in my arms I know you’re going to be safe from every negative vibe in the world. I miss you so much that it hurts. Its amazing how you can speak to me heart without saying a word you can light up the darkness. Try as they may to tear us apart we always strive for us to stay together. We made promises to each other knowing how we both feel, for me there’s only you and no one else.

PS: God please give me a sign that he’s alright, and everything’s going to be okay.

This Is How Much You Mean To Me

    Not hearing your voice all day is like not hearing anything at all, not seeing you, is the sun never shining at all our love is like a never ending river. It keeps flowing only difference is, there’s no end. I can’t picture myself without you, I smile at every message you send me, every picture you send me is my favorite because its you and you always look your best even when your don’t try. You give me warmth, you give me hope, you’re everything I wanted, you’re all I needed you give me faith. You make me believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. You give me happiness to where no one even tried going past happiness itself.

    You’re my sunshine, my loving sunshine, you make me sprung over you more and more everyday, and I love you so much for being mine and only mine your my billionaire, you’re my missing piece to my life puzzle you’re the happy ending to our love story.When I’m with you I have nothing to worry about but when you’re not with me I miss you like crazy sometimes it hurts, because I’d rather be with you than anywhere else in my life and in the world.

A Home of My Own

             I had a home given to me, but not a home that I could call my own and now that I’m with you, I know that I have a home that I can call my own. I’m glad I’m with you because even before I was with you I had fallen for you but tried not to show it. You’re my knight in shinning armor, you’re that red rose that floats in a well full of lily pads. You make my heart soar, you’re my favorite color that showed up from the wind, you’re my hope, my smile, my light and you’re my everything. You make me smile, when I feel like crying, you made me see colors when I only saw black and white when you showed me the real meaning of true love.

              You swept me of my feet when I felt alone, when I was lost you found me, when I was thrown away you picked up in your gentle hands, when I was bored you entertained me, every time I looked up I always wish it was your adorable face that I woke up to every morning and the same adorable face that I go to be with at night, you’re the one whose arms I will never leave. You take my breath away when I’m caught off guard, you surprise me in the most amazing ways and I love you for everything you do, and now I can say that I have a home I can fit into.

Music Has Left My Lips

               I used to have an inspiration for music, the inspiration to sing and to write songs. That inspiration has left my lips and left my mind and hands to even put any words down on paper. I lose my tune every time I put a word down on paper and I lost my song, every time I record it, I completely just lose the point of the song being made and the inspiration to bother making the song over again. I used to have songs popping into my head non-stop, but now its nothing, but meaningless words that are empty.

               Just once I wish that my inspiration to come back again and stay, just once I wish it something could give me that extra push for me to hit a note, a word, a song, even a verse at least. My inspiration was lost when I let the ridicule of those who disrespected me get under my skin. I let their ridicule and negativity consume my mind, killing my inspiration for my voice to even bother being heard on a recorder, or any song at all.

               Their ridicule ate my inspiration, spat it out, walked all over it, and broke it to pieces. Those pieces now cannot be mended even if I tried it can’t be sewn together, like broken glass the pieces were shattered and never found. When I had my voice I would be singing like nothing, although I wouldn’t let anyone hear me. But when I tried to show it, I choked up, I froze, I lost it, and every inch of my voice cracked. No tune, no melody, just words coming out of my mouth, as I stand under a spotlight trying to sing.

               After it was all over, all I got was ridicule, sarcasm, knowing that I had messed up. I knew I had already been looked down, that didn’t change anything before. When I try to change it the words kicked my ass like I never actually practiced the song at all.