A Home of My Own

             I had a home given to me, but not a home that I could call my own and now that I’m with you, I know that I have a home that I can call my own. I’m glad I’m with you because even before I was with you I had fallen for you but tried not to show it. You’re my knight in shinning armor, you’re that red rose that floats in a well full of lily pads. You make my heart soar, you’re my favorite color that showed up from the wind, you’re my hope, my smile, my light and you’re my everything. You make me smile, when I feel like crying, you made me see colors when I only saw black and white when you showed me the real meaning of true love.

              You swept me of my feet when I felt alone, when I was lost you found me, when I was thrown away you picked up in your gentle hands, when I was bored you entertained me, every time I looked up I always wish it was your adorable face that I woke up to every morning and the same adorable face that I go to be with at night, you’re the one whose arms I will never leave. You take my breath away when I’m caught off guard, you surprise me in the most amazing ways and I love you for everything you do, and now I can say that I have a home I can fit into.

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