Past, Present, Future Take Your Pick

I always wonder if you could find someone who can love you better than I do. I always wonder if I’m really the one for you, or if you even deserve me or not. Half of me wants to be single, and the other half of me is happy being with you. But its nothing that you’ve done that’s throwing me into that position because the only reason why my mind and feelings are in that state on mind is because I need to find me.

I’ve already become sucked into societies sins of being envious, but its really not worth being envious if you can always appreciate what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Since you haven’t been around its hard to keep my head up high, I’ve been trying not to look at my past but it never helps. Every night I get nightmares of being dead, knowing that they’re only dreams that aren’t really going to happen, but every dream has a sign and meaning to it.

What were mine to be dead early? Its only your voice that soothes me and I love you more everyday, because of all the happiness that you’ve given me. Although I sometimes think that you don’t deserve me, and you could find someone else who could do better. Sometimes you won’t know how bad you’ve hurt someone, until you realize it, because they give you the hint, they try to tell you indirectly but you still don’t get it.

Love isn’t just as phase, its a feeling. A feeling that some people give up on when they’ve been on a road full of broken hearts and with their heart locked up in the darkness not letting anyone in to show them what real love is. What true love really means to be in love and show what it really feelings like to see that happiness in their sparkling eyes when their with that special person.

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