Walking Through Memory Lane

My mind has no character, my face has no mercy, my lips only have bitter sweetness written across it. My eyes and the way I look say I’m sweet but a hidden short temper will set off the ticker. Sadness can over come happiness that’s why its called depression, the world is reality not fairy tales.

People say they don’t believe in fairy tales anymore, because they want kids to begin seeing that life it reality full of heart breaks not little fairy tales where every girl is a princess that lives happily ever after with her prince. They say that because even they, themselves are stopping to believe in what the feeling of being young is while wanting to prove that we’re independent, and sometimes end up making the wrong decision because of curiosity.

Then, when we try to prove to others that we are independent, and they still don’t believe us as a result of what we’ve done in the past being kept in their mind as a record. That shows they have forgiven us but still don’t have any trust in us because of broken promises. Fairy tales are only good for wishes, but they show up to be true when you honestly never expect it. This is what happens when you attempt to avoid looking back at your past when you’re already happy. But even if you do all yo can to push it away you really can’t help it at all.

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