Heaven Caught Us At The Heart

If heaven wasn’t so far away we’d all be able to moved to heaven and back. If people didn’t pass the way they do we’d be able to tell them what we should have told them before they left. If life wasn’t as cruel as it is, the world would still not be called utopia. The first loves are the ones that never die, but they are also the ones that can leave to give someone else a better chance to make you learn and become better as a person. When a heartbreak hit we feel like its already the end of the world, when its really the beginning of life’s challenges.

If you are blamed for the actions of someone else whom you’ve been trying to get away from, you ask yourself, how the hell am I being blamed for your obsession and stupidity? Then you look back at the stupidity that caused it and wish you could take it all back but you can’t, because its all been said and done. Then again you remind yourself that you had the right to do what you did to take revenge, since you didn’t start it in the beginning and you did a family member of the person a favor by letting them go.

But if you’re blamed for your actions that was only the reaction for what was suppose to end the problem after putting out the fire so many times. Sometimes, you have to let your past go even if you had made many regretful mistakes, and just keep moving forward to not make your past your future. When all is said and done, you finally feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest after you have met someone new.

After you’ve met someone who loves and cherishes you, someone who does everything they can to let you know and makes sure that you know they will never leave your side. Someone who does everything he can and knows what he can do to make you safe and protected as long as he lives. Someone who promises the world to you as he pictures the rest of his life with you. He brought my the light, the sunshine in my eyes, he brought me the happiness and smiles that there’s always a tomorrow even if we can’t stop time. He’s my bright eyes and the one that will always be in my heart.

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