You’re Mine and Always Will be Mine

I loved you then, I love you now, I will love you no matter what. You are mine and you’re always going to be mine, let nothing hurt you because you have me. I’ll protect you, I’ll keep you safe, I’ll hold you when you can’t walk, I’ll catch you when you fall. I’ll be there for you, just listen to me. Come back, come back, you know you’re a better person, you know you can get through this and you’ll make it out of the darkness.

If the dark shadow hurts you, he will hurt me, I know that you won’t let it slide. You know we were meant to be, you know I’m right for you, so set yourself free of his evil wrath, and be proud to say that you’re mine. One night is not enough, one day with you is never enough, but a lifetime with you is always enough because with everything falls into place.

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